Green Policy 2024


At Silver Apples Bakery, sustainability is at the forefront of our packaging practices. We exclusively use recycled cardboard and paper, along with compostable bags, to minimise our environmental footprint.

Recycling is ingrained in our culture. All cardboard and plastic materials are recycled through our waste disposal contractor, and our staff receive thorough training on proper recycling procedures.

To reduce waste, we repurpose containers and tubs from incoming packaging whenever possible, ensuring they meet stringent allergen and contamination standards.

Our investment in bespoke packaging ensures optimal efficiency. Customised box sizes eliminate unnecessary space, minimising transportation emissions and waste. These boxes are fully recyclable and prominently feature our logo, reducing the need for additional labeling or paper.


We are committed to digitalisation to reduce paper usage. Invoices are emailed, and our menu is available electronically, cutting down on paper consumption.

When printing is necessary, we utilise paper certified by the Green Star System for environmental friendliness, ensuring it is fully recyclable.

Our printers are equipped with Instant Ink technology, reducing the environmental impact of cartridge replacement by automatically mailing new cartridges when supplies run low.


Silver Apples Bakery is dedicated to minimising food waste. All surplus food is donated to The Wellspring Centre Stockport, supporting those in need and reducing landfill contributions.


We prioritise sustainability in our supply chain by implementing bulk ordering practices for ingredients. Accurate ordering minimises excess packaging and delivery emissions.

Sourcing from local suppliers reduces transportation emissions and supports the local economy, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and community support.


Sustainability extends to our delivery operations. We advocate for bulk ordering among our stockists to reduce the number of delivery drops, minimising emissions and packaging waste.

To optimize delivery efficiency and reduce emissions, we employ sophisticated software to group geographical locations and organise delivery routes, eliminating unnecessary ’empty miles’.


Recognising the environmental impact of transportation, we are committed to reducing emissions from our delivery vehicles. We continually explore opportunities to transition to low-emission or electric vehicles to minimise our carbon footprint.


Beyond environmental sustainability, Silver Apples Bakery is dedicated to fostering positive social impact. Through partnerships with local charities such as The Wellspring Centre Stockport, we support initiatives that address food insecurity and community well-being.

We prioritise fair labor practices and provide a supportive work environment for our staff. By offering competitive wages, benefits, and opportunities for professional development, we aim to enhance the well-being and livelihoods of our employees.


In our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we are exploring greener alternatives for cleaning products to further reduce our environmental impact.

Looking ahead to 2025, we are dedicated to transitioning to a Green Energy provider, reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources and further aligning our operations with sustainable practices.