Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

You can place your order by phone on 0161 480 4384 or by email

How do I order?

You can place your order by phone on 0161 480 4384 or by email or by shopping online here at Cybake.

How much notice do you need for my order?

Please place your order with the bakery at least 24 hours before your delivery day.

When do you deliver to my area?

Please contact the bakery team on for full details of delivery days to your area.

What if I'm not there to receive my delivery?

It is your responsibility to be available to receive the delivery. Deliveries are between 9am and 3pm on your delivery day. If you would like to make a change to your delivery arrangement please do so in writing no less than 24 hours before your delivery. If you are not there to take delivery, you will still be charged for your order.

How do my cakes come delivered?

All cakes are delivered boxed and labelled with full allergen, nutritional details and a ‘use by’ date stamped on the box.

How long will my cakes stay fresh for?

Please find our ‘how to care for your cakes guide’ from

Where are your calorie, allergen and the 14 allergens matrix?

You can find all of this information on the front of the cake box or you can request full matrix versions from

Do you carry salsa accreditation? what is your hygiene rating?

We carry salsa accreditation and the Silver Apples Bakery carries a 5* hygiene rating.

Silver Apples food hygiene rating - 5*

Do you have a HACCP chart?

Yes, this can be provided upon request.

Do you send sample boxes?

Yes, we do. please email us with your requirements. we only deliver sample boxes to businesses.

Can I return my cakes?

Please check your order and items at point of delivery. We are able to accept any returned cakes that may have been damaged in transit/ to do this you must complete a cake return form with the driver and return this form, along with the cake with the driver. We cannot offer any refunds without the original packaging and batch code.

Once an order has been placed by you, we are unable to cancel it after 7am the day before your delivery day. this is because we bake fresh to order. Please ensure that when you place your order you have checked it is correct. If you need any assistance with placing your order please contact the bakery on

We will not accept or offer a refund on any returned cakes where an order has been placed by you incorrectly or in error.

Do you offer flourless and plant-based bakes?

Yes, we do!

How many portions do I get from a cake?

Our round cakes serve 12-16, loaves serve 10 depending on your slice size and all of our bars, brownies, blondies and batch bakes are supplied in fourteens (please check menu). Batches cannot be split between two items.

Can your cakes be frozen?

You can freeze your cakes on delivery. Details of how to freeze your cakes can be found in our ‘caring for your cakes’ information

How much should I sell your cakes for?

As a rough guide we suggest the following, however this does vary depending on outlet and location:

£3.50-£4.80 tray bake, brownie, flapjacks, cinnamon buns, cookies, muffins, cookie cups, loaf slice, cronuts

How do I pay you?

Payment is made via Go Cardless. You will set this up when you open your account.

Do you offer discounts on large orders/multiple outlets?

Please contact us to discuss ordering of this nature.

Where do you supply?

We supply stockists throughout the UK. Contact us for distributor details if you are outside the north west area.