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Female founded, Silver Apples Bakery was established in 2009 and from our SALSA-accredited, award-winning 5000m² bakery in Greater Manchester, we provide nationwide delivery to the trade, from independent outlets to global brands.

With a focus on sustainability, our vision is simple: to create high-quality baked goods, that are entirely handmade, hand-finished, and made – wherever possible – with locally-sourced ingredients.

About Us

Born from the passion and dedication of women entrepreneurs, and founded in 2009 in the heart of Stockport, our bakery stands as a testament to the power of women-led initiatives.

From its inception, our bakery has been driven by the creativity, skill, and unwavering commitment of our team. We take pride in supplying our bakes across the UK, from charming independent outlets to esteemed global brands.

What sets us apart is our total commitment to quality and sustainability. Every delightful bite is crafted with only the finest ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, reflecting our green conscience and dedication to supporting local communities.

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